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Scientific evidence that Shiatsu improves health
The Effects and Experience of Shiatsu
The cross-European research study undertaken for the European Shiatsu Federation by Professor Andrew Long at the University of Leeds (involving 948 client-participants who were followed-up for 6 months) establishes that Shiatsu treatment:
• improves health and well-being,
• can benefit specific conditions, and
• is safe

Findings indicate that:
• 89% of shiatsu receivers felt calmer and more relaxed
• Up to 60% of regular Shiatsu receivers slept better
• Receivers rated their symptoms as significantly reduced throughout the study
• 86% said Shiatsu was effective in treating stress and tension, structural and postural problems, low energy and fatigue
• Receivers adopted a more relaxed, healthier and balanced approach to life
• Up to a third of receivers reduced their use of conventional medicine and medication

{Reference: Long, A.F. (2008) The Effectiveness of Shiatsu: Findings from a cross-European, prospective observational study. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine; 14(8): 921-30}

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