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Client testimonials

The following is some of the feedback I have had from my many clients:

Andrew Foong: "After being stressed for a while I needed to unwind and a massage was the perfect solution . . It was very easy to book an appointment . . I felt welcomed and relaxed straight away . . I had an hour long shiatsu massage and I didn't want it to end . . Nice smelling oils and candles . . I felt so good after . . Highly recommended."

Maitland Kalton: "Meeting Nadia was a real gift. I have had many massages and none as good as hers - I sorely miss my weekly massage as I now live abroad. This and related therapy always hit the spot for me and left me feeling younger, more healthy and vibrant than ever. It calmed me when I was troubled, soothed me when I was in pain and always lifted my spirit. Her uncanny insights also gave me peace of mind."

Jen Nowacki: "I have been fortunate enough to know Nadia and be on the receiving end of her treatments for many, many years now. Most recently I've found her shiatsu to be very powerful and transformative. It is wonderful that she is bringing together all of her many talents with skill and intuition."

Jane Williams: "Hi Nadia. I felt so good [after our session], my breath was flowing evenly and I felt lighter, content and balanced... really looking forward to next week. So glad I found you! Thanks again. Warm regards..."

Navaz Aspen: "Thank you for a really strong and uplifting treatment yesterday at the Mulberry Centre. It made me feel so relaxed in my body frame. I felt very inspired and hopeful when I left your session yesterday. I very much hope to continue, at some point the treatments with you, possibly this November.

Please do send me the wonderful energy filled recipes of the fruit salad you mentioned to me. I would love to have the recipe and any other energy type combinations you have. I've got a long road ahead of me; I am determined little by little to make steps for better, enjoyable health.

I wish you all the best, in the work you do. Thank you."

Ana Prado: "Nadia is such a special friend, I'm really lucky in having her in my life. I've done a few Shiatsu treatments with her and all I can say is that she's gifted! When you finish a treatment you feel in paradise, refreshed and uplifted."

Joan Turley: "I have been a client of Nadia for some years now and have found her shiatsu and reflexology to be amazing and effective. Nadia brings a wealth of therapeutic skills to every massage and treatment and restores the mind and body like no other therapist. I urge people to have massages and treatment with Nadia; it will change their life."

"Thank you, Nadia. We both had a good night's sleep and are feeling better. Thank you for helping us...lovely to see you."

Nadia Reid | Shiatsu and Reflexology | nadia@shiatsuandreflexology.co.uk