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My charges

Shiatsu* (1 hour)                                           £75.00**

Reflexology (40 minutes)                              £50.00

Reiki therapy - starts from £20 for 20 minutes (but home visits carry a minimum charge of £50 for a session).

Swedish full body massage (one hour)        £60.00

Facial treatments                                          £60.00 

* My hourly rate for shiatsu is a little higher due to my senior qualification and long experience. However, I offer a 20% discount for a first session (that is, £60 an hour) and you if you pay for at least 3 more sessions in advance, I will extend that discount for those sessions and when they run out you can again pre-pay for at least 3 sessions and thereby qualify for the discount again.

** Shiatsu  sessions are charged on the basis of being one hour, though they will actually last 1.0-1.5 hours because such treatments sometimes need more, so please allow for this in your diary as the session must not be rushed or cut short once started. Just to be clear, there is no additional charge if a session ends up being 1.5 hours.

Where I can see you

You can visit my practice (by prior appointment only) in Twickenham or, on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays (8am-10am or after 5pm-8pm) at The Mulberry Centre at the West Middlesex University Hospital, Twickenham Road, Isleworth, Middlesex, TW7 6AF where I also undertake voluntary work for the terminally ill registered with The Mulberry Centre.

Alternatively, I offer home visits in the following areas: Richmond, Sheen, Kew, Chiswick, Twickenham, Teddington, Isleworth, Whitton, Osterley and Hounslow. I can visit outside these areas at an additional cost (prices available on request).

Important information

When having a shiatsu treatment for the first time, I will start with a consultation to ascertain your needs and understand any complications that might exist.

Please always wear loose clothing for your shiatsu sessions and bring socks. It is better to avoid clothing like tight jeans or clothing usch as skirts and dresses.


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