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Facial beauty treatments

I began my career as a health and well-being specialist over 24 years ago by learning basic beauty therapy and Swedish massage on an aestheticienne course. My long experience not only ensures that I deliver excellent facial beauty treatments commensurate with that experience but has enabled me to create my own unique approaches, especially acupressure facial massage as part of my facial treatments for which I developed my own special technique involving the use of two spoons rather than needles.

As with all my treatments, my facials are very soothing in themselves and, therefore, as a side benefits they help reduce stress which is one of the main challenges to youthful vitality in the first place. They also deeply moisturise the facial skin and encourage elasticity which is absolutely vital to prolonged facial beauty.

As with all my work, I strongly believe in natural, holistic approaches to facial beauty which are very much augmented with the other treatments in my portfolio of treatments for those who are seriously interested in health and well-being and the resultant enhancement of both physical appearance and prospects for longevity. So, I encourage my clients to take responsibility for their own appearance, their health and well-being beyond my sessions with them in ways that are largely holistic and conducive to a sustained youthful vitality and appearance.

My other services: shiatsu, reflexology and reiki treatments and Swedish full body massage.

Nadia Reid | Shiatsu and Reflexology | nadia@shiatsuandreflexology.co.uk