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Remote Reiki

What is remote reiki?

Remote reiki is exactly the same as all reiki, except that the practitioner is not present at the same location as the client. This means that you do not need to travel perhaps quite a long distance in order to receive your treatments. Not only is the method identical, but so is the quality of the results.

How is remote reiki possible? Isn’t it just a scam?

Reiki is energy-based healing that does not require any physical contact whatsoever, unlike other treatments I offer. The sensing of the natural energy flows and the application of healing is all done by awareness and intention and by connecting with the individual energetically. You may already be aware that according to quantum physics, all energy may be directed by intention. Since reiki healing is purely energetic and involves no physical intervention, unlike massage or the application of tools such as needles or cups, for example, reiki is possible remotely. So, no it is not a scam at all!

What are the advantages of remote reiki?

  1. you don’t have to leave home (or work) for an appointment - saving time and money travelling.
  2. I can provide my service (with all my many years of experience) outside “my territory” (going beyond my broad home area is not economically viable otherwise). As a result, I am able to provide my reiki services nationally and internationally.
  3. you can rest as required following a session without having to travel home first.

How will the remote reiki service will operate?

  1. you get a free introductory chat session using Zoom or other suitable media so you know who you are dealing with and can see how comfortable you feel with me;
  2. prior to your first reiki session, I will ask you to submit at least 3 photos of yourself which I use to help anchor my connection with you - I will choose one that I sense most reflects who you are deep down.
  3. your sessions will be at a set time, just like when you attend in person, because I have to make sure that you are conscious of my intentions and give me permission to perform reiki on you - I will guide you precisely as to what to say and do in order to do that. You need to be somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed for at least 35-45 minutes - preferably at home, but, if you are at work, you would need to find a quiet space where you will not be called upon to work or answer calls, etc., somewhere that you would be comfortable sitting or lying down with your eyes closed for the duration of the session. I can usually be fairly flexible on timings and I ask my clients to provide me with at least 3-4 times and dates when it would be convenient for each session.
  4. I will ask you to confirm by message that you are there and ready for my treatment and I will confirm to you when I have finished and you may then go about your day as usual - typically I will advise you to rest afterwards, so it is important to choose your appointment time so it does not conflict with your obligations at home or at work.
  5. you get feedback after each session, telling you the same things I would be telling you during a consultation in person.
  6. you keep me informed how things are going between sessions so I can monitor your progress ready for the next session.

How much is the remote reiki service?

The price is the same as for reiki in person: £75.00 per session.

How long as a remote reiki session?

Again, it is the same as for all reiki sessions, namely abut 30-45 minutes excluding my preparation time and time taken to feed back to you.

Contact me for an appointment for remote reiki.

Nadia Reid | Shiatsu and Reflexology | nadia@shiatsuandreflexology.co.uk